Time to Start Over!

I have just deleted many of the posts that I had on this site as many of the videos linked to the posts no longer worked. So it’s back to basics no automation and just good old fashioned plain old work. The trick is to be consistent and it’s the same when you are on a weightloss plan. You won’t get results overnight and it’s unrealistic to expect too. However if you take the play the long game and keep your goals firmly in your mind and work CONSISTENTLY to exercise more and eat healthier, you will start seeing results, even small things like sleeping better or not getting puffed are important improvements.

So keep posted for new stuff coming your way. I have been researching health and fitness extensively for the last two years and it’s amazing how science has turned some ideas on their heads. The things I will be covering are things like: fat loss, muscle toning, eating healthy, and exercise vs movement.

So hoping you are having a great day and check back in the next week for some exciting news.