Metabolic Aftershock Review

Metabolism Boosting Workout

This is my own account of my experiences with the Metabolic Aftershock workout and nutrition program. I am not going to give you any background on scientific background or information on the creator Dr. Jade Teta qualifications (you can get that on the Metabolic Aftershock website). See the video below for a brief description.

 There is a series of three workouts that are done Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which gets repeated for three weeks then you move on to the second series of workouts and finally after three weeks of the second series you move onto series three.

The workouts themselves are less than 20 minutes and that includes a warm-up. At first the push-ups were hard work but I was surprised how I got stronger very quickly, it wasn’t long until I could push myself through a whole set of full push-ups. The best thing I liked about the program was “push until you can’t, rest until you can”. This essentially means you can work at what challenges YOU not someone else. You get to push yourself hard to get it done until you feel like you can’t do another rep and then you can stop, get your breath, stretch, re-focus and then continue when you feel like you can give it all. The best thing about these workouts are that I can do them at home, in the office (after hours of course) and they are quick enough to do on my lunch break. This makes this program in my mind one of the best home workout programs that money can buy.

Before - Metabolic Aftershock

Before – Metabolic Aftershock




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