Time to Start Over!

I have just deleted many of the posts that I had on this site as many of the videos linked to the posts no longer worked. So it’s back to basics no automation and just good old fashioned plain old work. The trick is to be consistent and it’s the same when you are on… Read More »

Eating Habits That Enhance Weight Loss

Eating Habits that Enhance Weight Loss or should I say FAT LOSS Ever heard of the phrase, “You are what you eat”? Without a doubt that is part true, and you should already know that your calorie intake is going to be inextricably tied to your weight loss efforts. By consuming less calories, you’ll force… Read More »

Top 50 Tips for Losing Weight from agent99 ;-)

Try to add as many of these tips to your daily routine, and you will surely be well on the way to a slimmer, healthier you. We don’t get fat ‘overnight’ so you should expect it to take a certain amount of time to lose that weight again, but don’t give up! Persistence, Determination and… Read More »